When is race registration?
16:00 - 21:00 the night before and 08:30 - 09:45 race day.

Where is the registration venue?
Registration is at the Race Start, which is at the Fingal Centre, Portree High School, Portree, IV51 9ET.

Do I need to bring anything to registration?
You must bring photo ID with you to register (absolutely no registrations will be accepted without ID).

Can someone register on my behalf?
If you need to get someone to register for you, please contact the race organiser to get a copy of our authorisation letter. This will need to be submitted with photocopied photographic ID.

The Course

What is the course route?
A map which shows the full route and elevation can be found on the race page.

Is the Course on closed roads?
The race is along closed roads, however emergency vehicles will still have access, so please keep to the left of the road at all times.

Can I wear headphones during the races?
Only ‘bone conductor’ head phones are permitted as per Scottish Athletics regulations.

Where are the course water stations?
Water stations are approximately every 3 miles, stations will have water to refill bottles and a limited amount of water in tetra packs for those who haven’t bought bottles.

How do I dispose of litter on the course?
Please drop all tetra packs/Gel wrappers etc on the verge within the drop zones and be mindful of hitting runners behind.

Are there Gels given out at water stations?
No Gels are provided on the course, so please bring along anything you need.

Is the Course exactly 13.2 miles?
Our course is measured and approved by Scottish Athletics.

Injuries or Race Withdrawals

Can I get a refund on my race entry?
There are no refunds, transfers or deferrals permitted, unless you purchase and comply with the terms of our ‘Cancellation Protection’.

Can I defer or transfer my entry?
There are no refunds, transfers or deferrals permitted, unless you purchase and comply with the terms of our ‘Cancellation Protection’.

How do I pull out of the race after I have registered?
If you need to pull out of the race after you have registered, please ensure that you notify one of the ‘Skye Events’ team.

What happens if I cannot continue during the race?
A sweeper bus will follow the last runners and collect anyone who cannot continue. If you are feeling unwell or injure yourself during the race and need to retire but do not use the sweeper bus, please notify one of our course marshals. For safety reasons, do not leave the race without advising one of our team.

How long do I have to complete the course?
We have a 3 hours limit on the race. If you are over this time, you will be offered a lift by our sweeper bus. If you choose to continue that is fine, but you will no longer be running on closed roads and we cannot be held responsible for your safety. You should also be advised that the water stations will no longer be available.

The Venue

What is the venue address?
The event venue is Fingal Centre, Portree, IV51 9ET

What are the toilet provisions for the race?
There are plenty of toilets at the venue and outside. There are no toilets our on the course.

Is there a bag drop?
There is bag drop available, contents stored at your own risk.

Is there first Aid at the Venue?
First Aid is situated outside the venue, adjacent to the Porta loo area.

Is there changing areas at the venue?
Sorry, for this year there are no lockers are available at the venue. 

Car Parking

Can I park at the venue?
Parking is available at the venue for registration only. Full details about where to park can be found on our Travel Tips page.

Where can I park during the race?
Please use one of our designated car parks on race day, so as not to cause congestion in the village.

Fun Run (cancelled for 2021)

Can I enter on the day?
Entries are only online and will close at 12:00 on Friday the 12th June.

When is registration?
Registration is 16:00 - 21:00 the night before and 08:30 - 09:45 race day.

When does the Fun Run Start?
The race will start immediately behind the Half Marathon at 10:35.

How old do I children need to be to enter the race?
Children must be 5 years or older. Runners under 8 years must be accompanied by an Entered Adult.

When is Fun Run prize giving?
Prize giving will be held by the PA stand at 11:15.


Is it okay to spectate?
Spectators are a big part of our annual event and help us to create a fantastic atmosphere and although we may not have such a large event as usual, they are still very much welcome. We are operating Social Distancing on site, where possible so we ask spectators to respect this and not congregate in congested areas. or High 5 runners. 

Are spectators allowed on the course?
Spectators are welcome along the course; any vehicles must be in situ pre-road closure and cannot be moved until the road re-opens.

Are bikes allowed on the course?
Push bikes are welcome on the course, providing they do not interfere with the runners.

Where is a good place to spectate?
We have marked out additional spectator areas, so there is plenty of room for everyone. We encourage everyone to continue to follow government guidance on how to stay safe and protect others. Please don't High 5 the runners as they approach the finish line.

Prize Giving

What time is prize giving?
Prize giving will take place between 13:30 and 3.00pm. Prize winners will be notified via text.

Where is prize giving?
Prize giving will take place outside at the Prize Giving Gazebo.

What prizes are on offer?
The full list or prizes and categories can be found on the Prize Giving page.