Green Isle of Skye Half Marathon Hoodie - £ 35.00

With sustainability at the heart of the Skye Half Marathon, these cosy green Organic Hoodies have a soft fabric with stretch for extra comfort. For 2022 we are offering an attractive Forest Green version, with the Skye Half Marathon logo embroidered in a mustard colour (no screen printing to crack or peel, ensuring longevity). ***HOODIES KEPT AT 2021 PRICES***

Green Isle of Skye Half Marathon T-Shirt - £ 10.00

For 2022 we are offering an attractive Fern Green Unisex Technical T-shirt with the Isle of Skye Half Marathon logo across the front in a mustard colour. These t-shirts are a great sustainable option to your running wardrobe.   Made with recycled CONTROL-DRY Polyester, you can have performance without the environmental impact. ***TSHIRTS KEPT AT 2021 PRICES***

Skye Half Marathon Bags - £ 10.00

A stylish and environmentally conscious way to transport your training kit. Large enough to fit in your training shoes and kit. Made from Organic Cotton.

Isle of Skye half Marathon water bottles - £ 5.00

Our Skye Half Marathon water bottles help you get out and about without the reliance on single use water bottles.

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Isle of Skye Half Marathon Caps - £ 15.00

Our Skye Half Marathon, are a great addition to your kit. Made from organic cotton and embroidered to ensure longevity, these are quality and sustainable product.